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KL, PhD Family Therapist—

"Before Carol's reading, I'd never found astrological readings very useful. I was amazed by the helpful, insightful and comprehensive information I received. Carol is artful in her readings, drawing patterns into relief and integrating the information found in the chart. The reading was SUPERB. It brought clarity to events that had happened and helped me see what was occurring in my life. I highly recommend Carol for her skillful readings.

CA, Artist —

The Jyotish astrology reading done for me in the late '90s by Carol Hopkins was transformational. With her deep understanding of this complex and ancient wisdom tradition, her intuitive gifts, and her compassion, she helped me make sense of my life from a higher perspective while still honoring my all-too-human tendencies. Her readings offer a view of each person's unique blueprint in this lifetime in a way that allows one to feel deeply seen and known. Carol points out the grace in each chart, focuses on strengths and gifts, brings the disparate pieces to synthesis, and gently guides us toward our unrealized potentialities and the higher vision of spiritual liberation. This is by far the best and most meaningful reading I have ever had. The truths revealed in my chart 13 years ago have continued to resonate and to light the way throughout my life's many changes and challenges.

Thank you, Carol.

HP, Media Marketing Specialist—

I have been coming to see Carol since 2007 and was so impressed I even brought back my sister, sister-in-law and brother to see her. Her readings are always very thorough and accurate. She spends a lot of time walking you through every aspect of your chart and allowing you to ask questions. She’s accurately predicted events in my life as well. For example I went to see her in January of 2010 and asked her when I would get a new job. She said not until November. I was offered a new job on November 30, 2010! I would definitely recommend Carol’s astrology readings (and have many times) to anyone who is curious or thinking about it! It’s definitely worth it!


Dear Carol,
Eleven years ago a dear friend told me about his astrology reading with you and I thought "How fun" but really didn't take it seriously. After having my own reading and being blow away by the accuracy of my past it made me wonder "how can she know so much about me from such little information?" Then four years after the reading my husband and I found the tapes you made for us and listened to them. I just couldn't believe the uncanny accuracy of the future during those four years! Specifics about my promotions, times of creativities, the success of my husband's business and then the warning of the difficult period he would experience. Since that first reading I have been back two more times for more timely information on the outlook for the next few years and each time I am astonished by the information and how it connects with my life. Thank you so much for sharing your special gift with our family. It had been remarkable for my career and my relationship with my husband. I am looking forward to the next reading!

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