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Please feel free to contact me to set up an appointment by—


Email Address:


phone: 509-493-5209
email: carolhopkins11@gmail.com


Life Reading: $150 (1 hour)
Offers an overarching view of one's general life issues based upon birth information. Talents and gifts, life lessons and challenges are examined in the light of helping one move into a deeper sense of confidence and peace around the unfoldment of awareness and circumstances.

Transit readings: $125 (1 hour)
Offered as a follow up to the Life Reading, this reading will explore the current energies in operation as the planets transit and interact with the various houses and birth chart information. It gives current insights into how these are operating so we can better understand and utilize the understanding of these energies to our benefit.

Reading Options:
1. In person in Underwood, Wa.
2. Via phone
3. Reading sent to you on CD with option of phone questions
    following listening to recording.

Gift Certificates available upon request.

All readings will include a CD recorded at the time

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