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Carol Hopkins Vedic Astrologer
Carol's Biography

Carol was born January of 1952 in Rochester, New York and raised in Yonkers, Long Island, and the Philadelphia area. Even as a child she had keen insight into the human condition, often wondering why people seemed so unaware of the energetic world around them. While attending Rider University, she began to practice meditation and after graduating in 1974 with a degree in Communications and Education, became a teacher of meditation. For over a decade she organized meditation classes and helped run a number of retreat centers for the deep and prolonged practice of inner silence. Although now retired from actively teaching meditation, Carol has continued her own daily practice for almost 40 years and is grateful to have been guided by a number of advanced Spiritual Teachers. Carol sees Life itself as a person's primary teacher. She honors the unique and completely individualized process by which human beings come to their awakening.

A highly respected wife and mother, her open heart and natural abilities as a counselor and guide come from many varied practical every day areas of life's learning opportunities. Carol's success in this area has given her a high place to see what is truly important in a life. She brings these insights to her work as an astrologer. Since 1988, Carol has lived and worked in the Coloumbia Gorge area of Oregon and Washington. She has been a business owner and serves on the board of directors of a world wide non profit organization. Carol enjoys living in a place surrounded by the beauty of Nature. She is an avid hiker and gardener, cook, pet owner and lover of all things that bring a sense of connection to nature and the deepest and most fulfilling places of the human heart.

Beginning the formal study of Jyotish, Vedic Astrology in 1990, Carol completed course work in 1994, one of her teachers being Dr. David Frawley, a respected exponent of Vedic Astrology in both the East and West. Since then, Carol has inspired many with birth and transit readings, opening doors of insight for a widening circle of clients.

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