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Introduction to Vedic Astrology

The Sanskrit word for Vedic Astrology is “Jyotisha”, meaning “Light”. Jyotish is an ancient system of astrology which addresses how we as individual human beings are connected to and influenced by all that surrounds us, including but not limited to the heavenly bodies. The ultimate truth of every individual is Pure Existence. In this world of apparently separate manifest identities it is our challenge to uncover the awareness of this unified True Self. The value of a Jyotish reading is in helping us to gain increased awareness  of the general cycles and influences at work in our lives which helps lead us to the discovery of our deeper selves as the Pure Awareness in which all such external influences are based.

During a reading we are amazed how precisely our lives can be seen following a “map” drawn by previously unacknowledged Intelligence. When our gifts and talents, as well as our challenges are explored and understood more deeply, the mind begins to ease into a greater sense of peace and trust in the unfolding process of life. This serves as an inspiration in beginning to view the larger picture of who we truly are.  We are not merely entities being acted upon by outside influences, we are in fact ultimately one with the vast Intelligence underlying and directing all manifestation. 

When we develop more confidence in our unfolding process and intuition, we are also developing confidence in our freedom to make decisions which can lead to greater unfolding of fulfillment. It is my wish that our time together will deepen insights into patterns and energies at work in every life and that this insight will increase inspiration, a sense of connectedness and faith in your own intuitive choices and goals.

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